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What is StrataFrame?

StrataFrame is a layered application framework written for .NET 2.0 and is designed for MS SQL Server, Oracle, and OLEDB. The framework integrates seamlessly with the Visual Studio 2005 IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and provides extended functionality to speed development.

Why Do I Need a Framework?

The Problem
When some developers hear about a framework for the .NET "Framework," there are questions raised as to what a commercial framework provides over the standard .NET functionality. It generally does not take long for developers to discover that they must put forth a phenomenal amount of energy before true application development can even begin. For example, some developers do not realize that implementing data-binding is cumbersome and that data-binding is programmed on every form, not to mention that there is no intrinsic functionality to easily connect the end-user to the data. There is no basic structure for true layered and tiered application development, nor is there native functionality for business objects, let alone strong typed business objects. As for the presentation layer, it requires a great deal of work before the business logic can communicate with the UI to notify the end-user of validation errors, and there are not enough controls in the standard .NET library to create an application from beginning to end. We haven't even discussed localization and messaging...but we have the solution.

The Solution
StrataFrame has been and is continuing to be developed by application developers for application developers. We have created a solution that makes application development a joy by taking away the frustrations of .NET and by giving developers of all levels the tools they need to be successful. At the same time, developers using StrataFrame can reduce their code by 50% and vastly improve the run-time performance over data-bound applications written using the .NET framework alone. StrataFrame makes .NET a data-centric language, which allows the developer to communicate easily with data from the data access layer all the way up to the presentation layer. The business layer is engineered to provide features including strong-typed field properties, serialization support, and threaded updates (which greatly improves performance over VPNs). Our data-binding techniques avoid the use of reflection and as a result are up to six times faster than the standard ADO.NET binding to controls. Extensive UI controls, rich-text messaging interfaces, integrated localization, native multi-database support, concurrency, extensive CRUD options, database deployment, data marshalling, and connection management are just a few of the pieces that have already been written and optimized for performance using StrataFrame. By using StrataFrame, you can begin on day one to develop your application. Additionally, using StrataFrame gives you a team of .NET experts who work full-time on the framework while you reap all of the benefits.

Quick Overview

The StrataFrame Application Framework provides developers with the freedom to program using any managed .NET language, but it is optimized for VB.NET and C#. Its strong-typed business objects are efficient and simplify development while promoting speed and accuracy. The programmatic access provided within the business layer of the application framework is instantly familiar to veteran .NET developers as well as to beginners.

StrataFrame enables developers to create scalable, extensible, maintainable, and cost-effective applications. The framework is easy to use, and extensive training is not required to master it. Every developer wants to be productive out-of-the-box without incurring huge training expenses.

Not only is StrataFrame easy-to-use, but it is agile and has the strength to support a large application. It has been created by application developers for application development, whether large-scale commercial or small-scale data-centric.
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