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About MicroFour, Inc.

About MicroFour

MicroFour is a software development company that has been specializing in medical software for nearly two decades. With the current trends in the industry, and its customers demanding more obligatory functionality such as VPNs, PDAs, wireless applications, and outsized networks, a migration was started March of 2002 towards the Visual Studio .NET framework.

Initially, the research included a sixty day training period on design patterns and n-tiered development concepts. Although the study proved interesting, it was overwhelming, and ultimately the conclusion was reached that it would be more cost effective to purchase the technology than try to develop an internal framework. As the corporate mindset was bent toward the continued creation of medical products – the proverbial “cash-cow” - three different commercial frameworks were sequentially purchased. All failed at various levels to provide the required functionality, leaving the medical software to continue lingering on the FoxPro data-centric platform.

In the end, only one choice remained: develop an application framework that would fulfill the demanding needs of today’s software industry. With this in mind, the MicroFour development team started the process of creating the framework. Because of the team’s experience with previous frameworks, it was easy to determine the features that were necessary and the programming roadblocks to avoid.

During our research we were exposed to many theories and techniques such as: design patterns, UML, O/R mapping, code generation, ACID, CRUD, etc… All seemed important and many of the concepts are used in the framework but not at the expense of efficiency and usability. Additionally, most products only addressed specific portions of the puzzle leaving gaps that would still have to be addressed.

Upon the completion of the internal framework, and its actual use, it became apparent that it should be commercialized; hence, StrataFrame was born. Obviously, by the mere fact of this website, a great amount of energy and capital has been spent to ensure its success. It is the desire and goal of MicroFour to provide the .NET developer with a tool that is a “must have” at a reasonable price. After three long years of development, the circle is finally complete and a commercial framework development product does exist that is more cost effective to purchase than create; enjoy.

Thank you for your time and consideration of StrataFrame. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call or e-mail our marketing department. If you care to review our other websites the addresses are listed below. • •
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