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Connection String Management

Database Connection Wizard
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Connection strings are an often overlooked feature within applications. Generally, a developer must hard-code the connection string within the application or must write the connection string in a clear-text file on each client’s machine. StrataFrame alleviates these problems by providing a powerful, easy to use connection string management tool that allows the developer to design the application without the concern of end-user connection string setup.

Stored in External Encrypted XML File
StrataFrame’s connection string management interface stores the connection string in an encrypted XML file on the client’s machine. Each application is assigned an application key by the developer. Connection strings are stored on disk with their corresponding application key. When the application loads, the software will look for the active connection string for the current application; if a connection string is not found, then StrataFrame will prompt the user with a form allowing them to configure the connection string.

Application Database Connections
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Unlimited Number of Connection Strings per Application

An unlimited number of connection strings can be stored per application key. The connection string manager supports real-time connection string changes. The connection string manager can be instantiated programmatically at anytime in order to create a new connection string or select a previously configured string.

Connection Shared Settings Wizard
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Shared Settings File

The connection string manager also implements the use of an encrypted Shared Settings File. This file is used to store connection string information on a network drive. Its purpose is to allow a network administrator to control the connections from a single location for flexibility, continuity, and control. This is extremely useful when deploying an application, either large or small. If the shared setting file is not used the network administrator is required to manage each client’s machine individually. 

Programmatic Connection String Declarations
The database connection wizard does not have to be used to achieve all of the benefits of the connection string being stored externally.  The connection string can be manually specified in code very easily, side-stepping the wizard all together.

DataSources.Add(New SqlDataSourceItem("", "myconnectionstring"))
DataSources.Add(New VfpDataSourceItem("", "myconnectionstring"))
DataSources.Add(New OracleDataSourceItem("", "myconnectionstring"))
DataSources.Add(New AccessDataSourceItem("", "myconnectionstring"))

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